Frontline contender for the Anambra State Governorship Election, Mr. Paul Orajiaka has disclosed his plan to revolutionize the health and electricity sector of the state.

Under his Security, Health, Electricity, Employment, Education and Road (SHEEER) agenda, Orajiaka had earlier unveiled a well applauded security master plan to secure Anambra State in the face of rising security challenges in the state.

In a press release made available to the media on Wednesday, the highly successful business Entrepreneur and Harvard trained scholar said his health scheme will focus on a system that gives priority to primary healthcare with plenty incentives for medical practitioners.

He said: “After security, health will be my next focus. With my experience earlier this year when my Paul Orajiaka Foundation, POF, provided free medical services to several communities in the three senatorial zones of the state, I came to realise the urgent need for critical health intervention at the grassroot.

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“To this end, my health priority will be approached in five folds and will permeate every nook and cranny of the state. First, we will revitalize primary health care with infrastructural upgrades so every community will have a well-equipped health facility including the General Hospitals. Secondly, we will strengthen human resources for health by training and retraining all cadres of health workers and a welfare scheme to boost morale because it is only a well motivated medical team that can give it’s all to save lives.

“Thirdly, I will initiate a health insurance scheme that will cover all indigenes of the state. All over the world, health insurance has become a key driver of the health sector. I believe that with a strong partnership with the best insurance companies in the country, we can give a lifeline to our people without breaking the banks.

“Fourthly, my administration will initiate community ownership and participation through community volunteers to serve as interface between the community and health facilities. My fifth approach would be to kickstart telemedicine to strengthen synergy among all health facilities using a hub and spoke model- linking tertiary and secondary facilities to mentor primary health centers.

“On his plan to ensure a minimum of 22 hours-daily power supply to the state, Orajiaka said his focus is to ensure that businesses and households are properly powered under public-private power generation scheme.

He said: “I will certainly encourage the power company already operational in the state, but I will also create alternatives for more private investors to come in. A single approach cannot guarantee my electricity target to light-up Anambra, so I will adopt a multidimensional system that brings all the available options into play.

“I understand that a lot of market policy issues need to be resolved to facilitate investment in the power sector, to this end we will advocate for policy changes across the entire value chain so the sector can work optimally. The outdated infrastructure across the entire value chain is not helping the power sector and our government will provide all necessary support to those operators in Anambra to address the challenge of outdated infrastructure.

” Lastly, I will champion proper policies that will encourage the market to grow and see the power sector run as a business as against the regulatory squeeze the players within the value chain face. You literally cannot regulate a market into existence as is the current practice at the moment.”

“Anambra State is a major business hob in the country and like we know, no business environment can operate competitively without adequate power supply. As an Entrepreneur, I know better and will ensure that all cards are on deck to revive the once booming businesses in the state.”

Orajiaka noted that the comprehensive plan of his SHEEER agenda is contained in a pamphlet which will soon be distributed to all indigenes of Anambra State to help them make informed decisions come November 6 at the polls to elect the next governor of the state.